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Already works within your EMR ecosystem.

You shouldn’t have to completely change systems just to get the benefits eReferralPro offers. Besides offering a comprehensive toolkit within our application, eReferralPro also has a highly secure API that can be used with your existing EMR implementation. And you don’t have to go it alone. We’ll work alongside you to integrate everything and get it all running smoothly.


Made to meet your needs.

We’ve built a robust application with options that are completely customizable to your needs and your unique process. Need to fax in supporting documentation? Cue up that dial-up sound. Have the supporting documentation in digital form? Perfect. eReferralPro doesn't force you to work one particular way.

Need to fax in supporting documentation?
Have the supporting documentation in digital form?

Secure and compliant on every level.

We know that keeping your patients’ health information completely personal and private is critical. Which is why we built eReferralPro with the highest level of security and privacy available today, and are constantly testing and evaluating new levels of enhanced security. For starters, we host your data in its own, private encrypted database on Microsoft's Azure Cloud services so you can rest assured your data is never co-mingled with others. We also have a BAA (Business Associates Agreements with Microsoft and InterFax) in place and are fully compliant with HIPAA best practices.

Size no longer matters.

Whether you run a complex operation with multiple departments and a small army of workers, or you’re a small office with just a handful of staff, eReferralPro was made for you. And no matter what your size, you won’t have to sign up for multiple contracts for each department. We have you covered with a simple setup process that handles it all, and allows our system to grow with you.

Available Anytime, Anywhere.

Whether you’re tied down to your office, or always on the go, eReferralPro will be there for you. Our application is designed to fit your lifestyle across desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll always have a great experience with eReferralPro no matter where your business takes you.