About eReferralPro

A brief history on how eReferralPro came to be

Buena Digital, creator of eReferralPro, was contacted to create a referral system for a client to replace their old, outdated system for managing their ever growing referral department. After careful analysis of their needs and pain points, a new web based system was put into place saving tens of thousands of dollars a year while speeding up referral processing time by over 80%! Patients are now seeing their referrals approved in minutes instead of days or even weeks!

eReferralPro is now ready for you

With the success of this system and increased interest from other health care systems, we realized there is a need to bring a new way of managing referrals that traditional EMRs can not provide. Now other health care systems can experience the cost savings and increased processing time at a cost that makes senses.

About Buena Digital

Based in Ventura, CA, Buena Digital is focused on building hand crafted, custom cloud based applications to the healthcare industry. To learn more about Buena Digital, please visit www.buenadigital.com.