Why Should I Use eReferralPro?

We make your organization more connected and efficient

eReferralPro was designed to bring vertical health organizations together, extend their referral network of specialists, and allow them to work in a way that’s surprisingly easy and cost effective. Best of all, using eReferralPro results in better patient care. All those referrals no longer take days and stacks of paperwork to complete, but mere minutes in our web application with just a few clicks or taps.

  • Designed for your organization

    Did we mention that eReferralPro also has a highly secure API that can be used with your existing EMR implementation?

  • Works the way you work

    Need to fax in supporting documentation? Check. Have the supporting documentation in digital form? Check. eReferralPro doesn't force you to work one particular way.

  • Secure and compliant

    Your data is separated from other clients in their own database so you can rest assured your data is not co-mingled with other health agencies.